At Collagen Booster, we believe in maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle and having an inside-out approach to health and beauty.

The Collagen Booster journey started right back in 2018 when one of the founders suffered chronic Gastrointestinal issues involving digestion and gut health. She would often be left bloated after eating very little leading to unintentional weight gain and after years of investigations by medical professionals involving CT scans, X-rays, countless blood tests etc, abnormalities were found however they were unfortunately unable to identity the cause of symptoms.

After introducing collagen rich bone broth to her daily diet (a process of making broth by boiling bones) and intermittent fasting, her symptoms eased and after a few months subsided completely. To add to her delight, friends and family complimented her youthful glow and shiny bouncy hair. Whilst others noticed her appearance, she felt stronger within herself and noticed that she ate much less as the collagen bone broth kept her fuller for longer and reduced cellulite.

Although bone broth certainly had its benefits, it was not convenient for her to make it daily (a process which takes up to 4 hours+) and the concept of pure collagen in a powder form concept came to life (i.e Collagen Booster)!

We want people to live a vibrant life and promote a natural inside-out approach to health and beauty to reap the many benefits of collagen- an ingredient that has been devoid of our diet by modern food processing. We therefore worked with leading experts to develop pure hydrolysed bovine collagen supplement powder that was derived from 100% grass fed cows (and free from preservative, additives, hormones etc), super easy to take daily and had the same benefits of collagen bone broth. Fast forward to 2022 and Collagen Booster has been a favourite amongst many men and women who have seen excellent results!

We hope you join us on this amazing journey!


Team Collagen

Collagen Booster Limited