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The amino acid sources in our body are enriched and filled with the proteins taken from daily foods. The body stores different amino acids to be used in appropriate situations and then uses them. A rapid increase in collagen synthesis occurs in order to replace the empty collagen stores after physical activity. For this reason, it is necessary to regularly feed the stores in the body with amino acids such as proline, glycine, alanine and arginine, which are abundant in collagen.

Collagen, which has an important place for all ages and becomes even more important as you get older due to a significant decrease in collagen production. At this point, healthy and collagen-containing supplements come into play.

Benefits of Collagen for Sports and Fitness:

In a number of studies, various benefits have been observed for those who exercise regularly. Useful peptides found in collagen have features that support;
• Tendons
• Ligaments
• Speed based workouts
• High-performance training

In this way, the risk of injury to the athletes can be minimized. As a result of research, it has been understood that it is important for an athlete to take 5 to 15 grams of collagen per day to counter the following:
• Joint problems
• Ligament problems
• Joint pains
• Achilles tendon injuries

Exercise more comfortably

As collagen is good for joints and bone health, it is possible to do sports at any age now. Even as you get older, when climbing stairs or cycling is painful, sports can be significantly reduced with the Collagen Booster supplement.

Prevent injuries

It is possible that athletes face various injuries periodically. Athletes, who have to rest for a while during this period, cannot regain their former performance for a certain period of time when they return to sports, and this is where collagen comes into play.

Thanks to collagen, the tendons of an injured athlete are supported to be strong and flexible at the same time. When performance and recovery speed are considered, it has been observed that the injured person, who does sports with collagen supplementation, returns to his pre-injury state much faster.

Collagen, which is also effective on bone health, helps to increase the extracellular production of the bone matrix and performs the mineralization necessary for calcium. As a result of all these processes, osteoblast activities are stimulated.

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